Arrived in Mexico!

It has been an interesting few days here in Mexico. I arrived here in the morning and I was surprised that there was nobody to hound me for a taxi at the airport. Not that I wanted to be hounded, but it was just weird. Maybe too civilized here for me;)
As big as Mexico is, it´s pretty easy to get around here.  The Metro can take you almost anywhere you want to go for dirt cheap (like .30 cents CDN). If I had the choice, I probably would not take it during rush hour again…but then again, I think every hour is rush hour in Mexico.

The hotel I stayed at included a city tour around Centro Historico of the Zocalo. Little did I know that it was a gruelling 3 hour tour! Don´t worry. I toughed it out and hung in there. Highlights of the tour include seeing a nude protest and eating grasshoppers. I also heard that they had an 8 hour tour to Teotihucan to see the pyramids. I said no thanks and opted to go by myself. So the next day I ventured out to see one of the largest pyramids in Central America (Pyramid of the Sun).  The whole site took me about 2 hours. So I saved 6 hours and spent the rest of the day eating tacos and drinking fruitshakes! Next destination is Oaxaca where I will be taking my first overnight bus.

I just climbed that (Pyramid of the Sun)

On top of Pyramid of the Moon overlooking Pyramid of the Sun

Local dance in front of Catedral Metropolitana

I had a few of these (grasshoppers)