Stawamus Chief Hike

For pictures of the Stawamus Chief Hike click HERE

This hike was one of the things on my bucket list this year. Joining me on this hike was Phebe and her dad.

We arrived to the Shannon Falls parking lot around 9:30am and started the Stawamus Chief hike around 10:00am since we stayed around the falls to take pictures.

Our hike from the parking lot to the 3rd peak took us about three hours including our breaks. We stopped briefly on the 2nd peak for a quick break before eating lunch on the 3rd peak. We didn’t go to the 1st peak due to the huge crowds. The views on top of the 2nd peak were quite amazing. We took the back route for the hike down which took us a little over two hours. Stawamus Chief…conquered!

IMG_3849 IMG_3854