Garibaldi Lake

For the May long weekend, I went on a hiking/camping trip with my friend Gideon. He has never had this type of back-country experience before and he was in for a treat! The drive to Garibaldi Lake parking lot was about 1 hour 30 minutes from Vancouver. We had intentions on doing some fishing on the lake but that did not pan out. The lake was frozen! We never expected this but there was snow at the camp site! As we continued hiking along the trail, we saw more traces of snow and by the time we hit the lake the snow was pretty deep. There weren’t any designated signs for the camp spots due to the snow so you pretty much had to pick whatever spot you want. At the campsite, they have these shelters where you could cook and sit to eat. We decided to pitch our tent in one of the shelters to avoid camping in the snow and to avoid the cold! There weren’t any signs that told us not to. We were lucky to be one of the first people at the camp spot so we decided to grab one of the shelters as our own! We tried our luck to make a small fire outside our shelter but it was too damp and cold. There was no flowing water around so we got our water from the lake. It was ok as the water was super cold and we boiled it anyways. Gideon regretted not bringing his gaiters as his pant legs got continually wet from the snow. He tried to dry them off with his gas burner and almost risked getting his pants on fire! That was our extent of our entertainment. To pass the time at night we played cards and talked throughout the night.

The hike from the parking lot to the campground took us about five hours. It would’ve taken less if it weren’t for the snow. The hike back the next day took us only three and half hours as it was mostly all downhill. For our victory meal we went to a place in Horseshoe Bay (Olive & Anchor) for some delicious burgers and fries.

For all photos of our trip, please click HERE.