New Year’s 2015

For new year’s eve, we had a relaxed and quiet evening at our place with friends. We decided to do a potluck dinner that included a delicious array of foods including pomegranate salad, roasted yams, bacon and broccoli salad, and bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese. For dessert we had an apple cake, cheesecake, chocolate, and cookies. After dinner, we played a fun game called Dix It and reminisced on our past year and what we are looking forward to in the New Year.



Taco Night

We had an amazing taco night with friends the other day. It was potluck style that included a delicious spread of chicken wings, pulled pork, ground beef, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, refried beans, rice, cheese, hard and soft tacos, salsa, and sour cream. There was so much food that we had to take some home for all of us. Good times!

IMG_3066 IMG_3062

Martin Smith Concert

One of my favorite bands growing up was Delirious. However, several years ago, they decided to part ways but the lead singer, Martin Smith, recently started on a solo career. His latest album is called God’s Great Dance Floor. I had the opportunity to go see him live in concert, which was held at Coastal Church in downtown Vancouver. The concert was amazing. Martin played some of his classic and memorable songs such as ‘Find me in the River’, ‘History Maker’, ‘Majesty’, and ‘I Could Sing of your Love Forever’. Brings back lots of memories.

IMG_3013 IMG_3020 IMG_3010

Tommy & Nancy’s Wedding

We had a great time celebrating our friend’s wedding. The dinner was delicious and the whole evening was entertaining. During the reception, instead of the traditional glass clinking, if the guests wanted to see the bride and groom kiss, they had to go up near the head table and putt a hole-in-one (yes, they had an artificial putting green, golf ball and club!). If they did not get a hole-in-one, they had to kiss someone else (other than the bride and groom) in front of everyone. Several people went up to try, but to no avail. Half way through the evening, the bride and groom went around to each table to greet the guests. I knew it was going to a long time before they came to our table, so I decided to go up to the front and try out the putting. Several people went before me but they missed the hole. It was now my turn. I was a bit nervous at first. After all, I only found out then that the club was right-handed and I was a left-handed putter! So now, I’m holding the putter in the wrong direction, everyone is looking at me, and I feel the pressure, like Tiger Woods at a major tournament! I took a huge breath, closed my eyes, and decided just to putt. WOW! A HOLE-IN-ONE!! I was pretty amazed. Unfortunately, the bride and groom did not see it since they were busy greeting people, but I had witnesses! So when they came to our table, I told them I got the hole-in-one and they believed me and kissed each other.


Birthday Loot

To celebrate my birthday I decided to do something a bit different. Last month, my friend Lisa went around town looking for all the birthday freebies she could find. Her total ‘loot’ that she got for free/discount was $36.39.

So I wanted to see if I can top that amount. So here are the following places that I went to on my birthday:

  • Free grand slam breakfast at Denny’s
  • Free birthday gift at Sephora’s
  • Free drink at Blenz
  • Discount at RW&Co.
  • Free Booster Juice smoothie
  • Free burger at Red Robins.

My total loot came to be about $47.60! For some of the places, the key is to sign up for the mailing list and print out the coupons. This is not bad for my first year doing this. I will have to wait and see what kind of damage I can do for next year!


Getting ready to enjoy a free burger at Red Robins!


Free drink at Blenz!


Free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s

Sabrena & Darren Wedding

Last weekend I attended my first ever Sikh wedding. My friend, Sabrena invited me to her wedding in Nanaimo. Sabrena and I both grew up in Nanaimo and we went to elementary and high school together and have known each other for 30 years. The wedding was held inside the Sikh temple. To enter, I had to take my shoes off and wear a bandana. The ceremony lasted for 1.5 hours which is considered a short ceremony. There was about 150-200 people there.

There was one part of the ceremony where the whole congregation stood to sing/pray. At one point I noticed that everyone started to sit back down on the ground so I started to sit down. However, people were actually bowing and I was the only person sitting down on the ground! I quickly got back up feeling a bit embarrassed. I’m pretty sure there were people behind me laughing out loud. Oh well, it was all in good fun!

After the ceremony, we took pictures of the bride and groom and headed downstairs to the hall for the lunch reception.


Phebe and I taking a picture of the bride and groom right after the ceremony


The wedding guests in the temple


Phebe and I posing in our head gear.