Taco Night

We had an amazing taco night with friends the other day. It was potluck style that included a delicious spread of chicken wings, pulled pork, ground beef, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, refried beans, rice, cheese, hard and soft tacos, salsa, and sour cream. There was so much food that we had to take some home for all of us. Good times!

IMG_3066 IMG_3062


Martin Smith Concert

One of my favorite bands growing up was Delirious. However, several years ago, they decided to part ways but the lead singer, Martin Smith, recently started on a solo career. His latest album is called God’s Great Dance Floor. I had the opportunity to go see him live in concert, which was held at Coastal Church in downtown Vancouver. The concert was amazing. Martin played some of his classic and memorable songs such as ‘Find me in the River’, ‘History Maker’, ‘Majesty’, and ‘I Could Sing of your Love Forever’. Brings back lots of memories.

IMG_3013 IMG_3020 IMG_3010

New Year’s 2014

For new year’s eve, we decided to have a get together with our friends. We took a nice stroll along Coal Harbour near the Olympic cauldron for a few hours during the evening to see if there were any events going on downtown. It was pretty quiet downtown, hardly anyone on the streets. It was nice to have a walk and to see everything all lit up though. Afterwards, we headed back to our place and had all sorts of snacks including crackers and brie, kettle chips, smoked oysters and muscles, pizza, and of course sparkling wine. We were introduced to a new game that our friend Sarah brought, Carcossonne. It was fun to play. Phebe and I ended up tied for second. Happy New Year!


Hanging Out with Derrick and Flemming

July 7 | Kaya Malay Bistro

Tonight I got to hang out with Derrick & Flemming, friends I met while I studied in Hong Kong. We went to this restaurant on West Broadway called Kaya Malay Bistro. The food there was pretty good but most of all I got to enjoy it with good company. It had been awhile since all three of us were together. I think the last time we all met was when we hiked Mt. St. Helens back in 2004.


We’re together again! Me, Flemming, and Derrick


The food spread – delicious!


Yummy deep fried crab

July 8 | Grouse Grind Hike

Not sure how long it had been but a hike with the original “Buddhas” was long overdue. I decided to take Derrick and Flemming to one of the most popular (and dangerous)  hiking spots in Vancouver – The Grouse Grind. It took us about 1 hour and 20 min to hike up including out breaks. Flemming was doing exceptionally well considering there are absolutely no real hiking trails in Denmark. Derrick, on the other hand, said he hasn’t been in a gym for about two years and it was taking its toll! When we got to the top we were rewarded with great views of the city and no hike is complete without our famous Buddha pic! As a reward for our efforts we treated ourselves to an epic meal at Peaceful restaurant on West Broadway.


Derrick & Flemming enjoying a well needed break


Resting on the trail


Hang in there Derrick, almost to the top!


We made it to the top!


Buddha time!


Epic meal time

July 9 | Dai Tung

For our last supper together we went to Dai Tung restaurant on Kingsway. It’s known for their good quality foods at decent prices. We ordered duck, salted chicken, and some veggies. It was super good!


Tasty duck


Salted chicken


The Last Supper

Grouse Grind + Sushi

Today I hiked up the Grouse Grind with Phebe’s dad. We got there around 10am or so and by then the parking lot was pretty full. So many people on the trail, especially all those Japanese tourists without proper footwear. Actually, we saw one guy (I think he was African) without wearing any shoes and he was running up the trail! Crazy! We hiked up slow and steady and took a few breaks. Altogether our time to the top was about 1 hour and 20 mins. Phebe’s dad did a great job considering he is a senior! Unfortunately the top was all cloudy so we couldn’t see any of the city.

After the hike we rewarded ourselves with a little sushi at Sushi Town in Capilano. I ordered the delicious Alaskan Roll which just melts in your mouth. So good!