Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

  • Bring a durable bag for bear cache – one garbage bag just doesn’t cut it for 6 days
  • Pack everything in before night fall – we left our clothes out to dry only to realize there’s something called condensation!
  • Never leave the campfire unattended – when trying to dry my shorts, some sparks burned a small hole through my trunks! Also, not a good idea to leave hiking shoes near the fire!
  • Can survive without a fork – we just had a spoon and a pair of chopsticks
  • Bring packaged butter – less risk of them melting and dripping through the container and zip-locks.
  • Can start a fire almost out of nothing – just have faith!
  • Boil hot water to fight through those tough greasy spots in pans – especially the instant noodles
  • Always be careful when handling your hot meals – don’t want to drop it in the sand and have to carry it out
  • Don’t always trust your phone battery – if you need to call a friend at the end of your trip, it’s best to write it down on paper

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