Food Menu on WCT

Food Menu

These are the food items we brought to the West Coast Trail. In total, our food weighed about 16 pounds and it was all gone at the end of the trip! We varied what we ate each day depending on how strenuous the hike was. For the most part, we were satisfied with one MEC package and one Sidekick to full us up each night.


  • Oatmeal – 6 packages (Apple & Cinnamon, Maple & Brown Sugar)
  • Nature Valley Flax cereal (enough for 2 servings each)
  • Powdered milk (enough for 1 litre or 2 servings each)
  • Korean Instant noodles (5 packages)

Nature Valley flax cereal

Korean instant noodles


  • Whole grain tortilla wraps(8 tortillas)
  • Hungarian sausage
  • Hard cheese
  • Pepperoni sticks
  • Bison jerky
  • Breton crackers
  • 10 granola bars
  • Dried apricots
  • Raisins
  • Banana chips
  • Apple rings
  • Dates
  • Chocolate
  • Dried mushrooms shiitake

Hungarian sausage with crackers

Bison jerky


  • Sidekicks pasta  – 8 packages (teriyaki  noodles, butter & herb, chicken, and tomato basil)
  • MEC backcountry food packages (beef stroganoff, chicken teriyaki with rice, beef stew with mashed potatoes, Kathmandu curry rice)
  • Masala Beef Curry (special frozen package)
  • Tea (various flavours – best was organic spiced black tea from Starbucks)
  • Carnation hot chocolate – 4 packets


MEC Mountain House packages


  • Day 3 – Had snack at Chez Moniques. Chris had the halibut burger and I had the fully loaded burger. After the meal we had a light dinner at camp.
  • Day 4 – Had awesome lunch at Nitnat Narrows. We had crab, salmon and baked potato.

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