Day 6 – Darling River to Pachena Bay

Day 6 – Darling River to Pachena Bay

“Victory meal”

Hike time:  10:30am to 3pm, approx 4.5 hours

Approx 14 km

The final day of the WCT. Again, we took our sweet time and had a good sleep in. We were in no rush to catch the WCT trail bus (which leaves every odd day during non-peak season). We had a friend coming on Saturday to pick us up in Pachena Bay so we could save the ridiculous trail bus fees.

The trail from Darling to Pachena Bay was relatively easy. It was basically all flat and a few muddy parts. It was nothing like when we first started a few days ago! We arrived at the Pachena Bay WCT Information Centre at around 3pm. We were overjoyed. We finished. We came, we saw, we conquered!

Wow! Look how easy the trails are!

Exploring Pachena Lighthouse

Made it to Pachena Bay WCT Information Centre!

We decided to set up camp at the Pachena campground nearby. They charge $25 per tent. For our victory meal we walked to Bamfield which was about a 45 minute walk from Pachena Bay. Our hitch hiking thumbs paid off as we got picked up halfway walking to Bamfield.  We lucked out and got some snacks and food at the grocery store before it closed…at 6pm!

The only convenience store in Bamfield

Not only did we have great burgers at Hawkeye pub, we had a good clean up. I finally washed my hands with hot water and soap! How exciting! After dinner we had to walk all the way back to our camp spot. The rain started to pick up now. The storm was coming. We managed to make a fire that night but the fire wood we purchased was so bad that it didn’t end up drying our shoes and socks.

Walking back to our camp spot from Bamfield

There were some washrooms and showers nearby our camp spot and Chris took advantage. He had to pay $1 for a 4 minutes of hot shower. However, it was more like 2 minutes of hot shower. For the first minute or so he had to wait for the hot water to come. Then he had to keep pushing this button for the hot water to come out as it did not freely flow. It was like those public sinks where you have to keep turning the knob to get the water out. I hate that. Anyways, it was money well spent according to him.  As for me, I decided to wait it out a few more extra days and have a decent shower at home.

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1 thought on “Day 6 – Darling River to Pachena Bay

  1. I loved your detailed account and pictures of your West Coast Trail hike. I have a friend in prison in the US. I take her on imaginary trips through-out Canada. We started out on Vancouver Island, touring Victoria; wax museum, parliament buildings etc. We then headed out to hike the West Coast Trail. Having never actually done it myself, I used your itinerary and many of the photos for our imaginary hike. She is loving it and it really helps to make her time go by faster. So thank very much for allowing us this incredible adventure.

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