Day 5 – Tsusiat Falls to Darling River

Day 5 – Tsusiat Falls to Darling River

“Easy day at the office”

Hike time:  10:30am to 3:30pm, approx 5 hours

Approx 11 km

We slept in today. We knew we had an easy day ahead of us so we took our sweet time. We had to cross the river and climb these ladders first thing in the morning but that was the only difficult part of the day. We stopped for lunch at the Valencia Bluffs (about KM 18) to reflect on the tragedy that took place in 1906. The “Valencia”, a 1600 ton iron steamer crashed on the shores of the coast which lost 133 lives. This was why the WCT came into existence. Afterwards the public demanded the government to do more to help mariners along the coastline. Thus, the WCT was born.

Had to take another shot at the Falls before we left

Chris reflecting on the Valencia

Views from the trail

We decided to camp at Darling River which was a great decision. Most people camp at Michigan Creek , 2 KM further to hike, but is a busier camp spot.  We pretty much had everything to ourselves at Darling. We had all the wood we want, clean water, and the outhouse was the best I’ve seen and smelled.

Looking at our next cable car crossing

Our camp spot at Darling

How quickly the clouds rolled in….

However, just when we were done setting up camp, we noticed the clouds rolled in pretty quick – really quick as a matter of fact. It was sunny one minute and foggy/cloudy the next. It was quite amazing how the weather changes. The storm was coming! Fortunately it did not rain that evening but we were in for a nice “treat” in a couple of days.

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