Day 4 – Cribs Creek to Tsusiat Falls

Day 4 – Cribs Creek to Tsusiat Falls

“Eating crab and a nice cold shower”

Hike time:  9:30am to 6pm, approx 8.5 hours

Approx 17 km

This was the best day ever. Not only because it was nice and sunny out and not a cloud in sight but we knew what we were in for….fresh crab lunch at Nitnat! Before that, we had to have a special breakfast. We decided to pop open the Korean instant noodle packages and have that for breakfast! It was actually quite tasty and a good way to start the day. I highly recommend it.

The trail from Cribs to Nitnat was pretty much all beach and rocks. I loved my trekking poles as they had rubber boots on the bottom to provide stability for the big and slippery rocks on the beach. We managed to escape the tide coming in the morning. The trail was relatively easy, although at one point we had to detour back to the main trail as there was no beach access. We came across some hikers coming from the north warning us of a big storm ahead in the next day or so. It was so hard to believe considering how sunny it was at the moment but weather can change in an instant on the WCT.

Hiking along the beach

We arrived at Nitnat Narrows at around 1pm. Before crossing by boat to the other side, we had to stop for some crab lunch! There was another group of guys ahead of us eating the crab and they were already raving about it. We didn’t hesitate and ordered it right away. We also ordered a baked potato each and shared a grilled salmon. Man, I don’t know what was better, the salmon or the crab but I certainly had my fill! The crab was amazing! The best I’ve ever had! Beats the Keg hands down! Our meal came up to about $42.50 each including drinks. We left Nitnat at 3pm (yes, we stayed there two hours devouring our crab). After that meal, we wanted to take a nap but we had another 7 more km to hike!

Awesome crab and salmon meal

Chris and I enjoying our meal at Nitnat

We knew we were getting close to our camp spot as we saw out in the distance the “Hole in the Wall” –  Tsusiat Point (pronounced Sue-See-ut). It was a great site to see and very beautiful. That was just the beginning. When we arrived at camp, we were welcomed by these amazing waterfalls – Tsusiat Falls. I’ve seen pictures of the Falls but to actually see it in person is amazing. We were so glad that it was sunny out so we can take good photos. After quickly setting up camp, we headed to the Falls to take our well deserved shower! The water was really cold but very refreshing. The only thing we had to dry us off was our small micro-fibre towels.

Tsusiat Pt (Hole in the Wall)

Jumping for joy at Tsusiat Pt (Hole in the Wall)

Conquering the Falls

Chris taking a well deserved shower

A nice sunset to end the day

We got back to camp, had the best meal (beef stroganoff and tomato basil Sidekicks pasta), made the best fire, and took some good sunset pictures. We also managed to dry ALL our stuff. It was a great day.

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