Day 3 – Cullite Cove to Cribs Creek

Day 3 – Cullite Cove to Cribs Creek

“Sun, burgers, and mud”

Hike time:  9:30am to 7pm, approx 9.5 hours

Approx 17 km

We woke up to sun and clear skies! We started the day crossing our second cable car. We were in for the longest day of hiking. We passed through Logan Creek bridge at around KM 56 which was a beautiful sight. During the orientation they said things would get a lot easier after Walbran but this was not the case. It turned out that the few km of trail after Walbran proved to be the worst. It was absolutely muddy. I’m not sure why this is. I guess there is a beach access in between KM 53 and 51 and most people take the beach access which leaves the trail infrequently walked on.

Beautiful morning to start the day

Yes, we walked through this

Nevertheless, we had a well deserved lunch break near KM 51 at the beach access after the gruelling tough section after Walbran. After lunch, we proceeded onwards passing through the beautiful Bonilla point and the Carmanah Creek campsite. During our cable car crossing at Carmanah Creek, we noticed a naked lady bathing at the river. We waved our hello and proceeded on our way. Yes, the views were breath-taking!

Chris walking through the bogs

Beautiful Bonilla Point

After Carmanah, we saw out in the far distance the signature blue tarp which only means one thing – Chez Moniques! This place is basically an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Here, you can get anything from burgers, pop, beer, snacks, and everything in-between. I had the fully loaded burger and Chris had the halibut burger. They were $20 for each burger. Some people disapprove of this place and just walk on by, but I must say, the burgers were so good (although a bit pricey)!

Burgers at Chez Moniques

Chez Moniques

After a great meal at Chez, we hiked a few minutes to the Carmanah Lighthouse. The views at the top were great. We saw out in the distance Bonilla point and also sea lion rock (and heard a whole bunch of sea lions doing their mating calls).

Us at the Carmanah Lighthouse

It was getting late and so we made our push to our next camping spot – Cribs Creek. When we arrived the tide was coming in so we had to take our shoes off and walk across the streams. Although the water was bitterly freezing, it was quite refreshing on the feet.

Setting up our camp spot

Sunset at Cribs

There was sparse firewood at camp. We basically had nothing. However, after an hour or so we managed to make a fire out of nothing. It’s one of those “You had to be there to believe it” moments. We managed to dry our remaining shoes and socks and everything else wet from the previous days. We had little to eat that night, just snacks, due to the filling burgers at Chez.

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