Day 2 – Thrasher Cove to Cullite Cove

Day 2 – Thrasher Cove to Cullite Cove

“Welcome to Mice-ville”

Hike time:  9:30am to 6pm, approx 8.5 hours

Approx 13 km

It had rained a bit overnight but there was more to come during the day. The trail from Thrasher beach to the main trailhead was only 1km but was steep and muddy. It was a gruelling 1 KM back to the main trailhead. There was an option to hike along the beach to Owen Point but due to the tide times we would be unable to pass.

Uggh. The long km back to the main trailhead

Today was the day of rain. It had rained pretty much the whole time we were hiking but thanks to the trees it didn’t feel too heavy. The trails were really muddy and some parts were very slippery. If it weren’t for our trekking poles we would’ve slipped on a root and been evacuated by now! Another obstacle we had to tackle was the ladders. We had gone through quite a few of them, mostly down though but a few we had to climb. They were kept in fairly good shape but made the hike a bit longer and we had to take our time going down.

Very muddy trails

Chris coming down one of many ladders

Me climbing up one of many ladders

Although Camper was the next camp spot, we decided to push on to Cullite Creek. To get there we had to take a cable car. Our first one! We read this one blog where one of the techniques is to pretend you are pulling on the cable car by “slapping” at the rope and letting the other person pull you through to the other side. However, Chris knew right away my evil scheme. We later learned that having one person in the cable car at a time was easier than having the two of us in as it was easier to pull.

At the first cable car crossing

When we arrived at camp at Cullite it had cleared up quite considerably. We knew we were in for a treat tomorrow. There was no firewood at camp. We met some other guys that had a big bonfire and we used it to dry our socks and hiking shoes.

As it was one of our longest and gruelling hikes we decided to have a feast. We shared one of the MEC packages (Kathmandu Rice) and we each had a package of the Butter & Herb Sidekicks. Man, it was so filling. If that wasn’t enough, the couple from Alberta made us brownies as a treat! I couldn’t believe it! Fresh brownies on the trail! It was so delicious.

Camp spot at Cullite

During dinner we noticed mice roaming around our campsite. Not one, not two, but many! We heard them squealing and coming closer to our food. We were camped at Mice-ville!  We quickly washed our dishes and packed our food in the bear cache and headed to bed. We needed the rest as we had another long day ahead of us.

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