Day 1 – Gordon River to Thrasher Cove

Day 1 – Gordon River to Thrasher Cove

“Who stole my fork?”

Hike time:  11:15am to 2:45pm, approx 3.5 hours

Approx 6 km

Chris and I had our last supper at The Edge Restaurant in Sooke before we ventured off on the WCT. It was our last chance to eat like kings before we dived into the packaged meals for the week. After dinner we drove to Port Renfrew to camp for the night. It was about 8pm and was getting really foggy on the roads. We arrived at the Pacheedaht Campgrounds near Port Renfrew at around 9:30pm. It was $15 a night for a tent. We lucked out and found a great camping spot that was sheltered from the rain. However, we still got pretty wet.

The next morning was our big day. We decided to start from the South (Gordon River) to the North (Pachena Bay) to get the hard stuff out of the way. We arrived at the WCT information centre at about 8:45am even though it opened at 9am.

After registering and getting our permits, doing the required reading about safety, and paying our ridiculous fees ($168 including ferries) we sat through about a 45 minute orientation where a Parks lady gave a PowerPoint presentation. She must’ve done it about a thousand times as she was going through it really fast. It was good though – very informative. There was only one other couple from Alberta that was starting with us. We parked our car near the information centre at some native guy’s house. He gives reasonable rates at $3 per day.

Chris paying the parking dude

At last! Time to start hiking! We took a 5 minute Gordon River ferry ride to the start of KM 75 – the start of our trek or the end for most people. There was a light drizzle to start off the day but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. We reached the Donkey Engine, about KM 72 at about 1:15pm for a lunch break. So 3 KM took us about 1.5 hours. We decided to camp at Thrasher Cove as the next major camping spot was Camper Creek which was about 8 more KM! We were first to arrive at camp and managed to get a sweet spot that was sheltered.

Gordon River ferry crossing

Past the first KM mark

Lunch at the Donkey Engine

To celebrate our first day’s hike (which I thought was pretty easy), we had Teriyaki noodle Sidekicks along with the Masala Beef Curry for dinner. As Chris was about to sit down to enjoy his well-earned meal, he accidentally dropped it! Lesson learned – never hold a hot pot with the detached pot handle – it might drop! The food landed in the sand and we had to carry it as garbage for the remainder of the trip.

Brushing my teeth at Thrasher

Also, the weirdest thing happened. I lost my fork. I remember using it for dinner and I remember putting it near the cooking area. However, when we were washing our dishes, it had gone missing! My theory was that it was one of those squirrels near our site that must’ve stolen it! Oh well, I soon found out that I can survive with just a spoon and chopsticks!

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