West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail

September 18 to 23 (6 days)

This has been a dream come true – hiking the West Coast Trail! I went with my friend Chris and we had a blast. It is considered to be one of the best and toughest hikes in the world. It is a 75 long Km trail from Port Renfrew (Gordon River) to Bamfield (Pachena Bay).  We didn’t need a reservation since we did it in non-peak season. We also decided to start from the south first (Port Renfrew) to get the hard stuff out of the way. The first few days of our hike were a bit wet but then we had two solid days of sun and then the rest of the week was even wetter.

Click HERE for all the pictures of the West Coast Trail (we had a lot so this is just some).

The following is a summary of our 6 day hike plus the extra two days we stayed at Pachena Bay campground. Enjoy the read!

Summary of our Adventure – Quick Links

Day 1 – “Who stole my fork?”

Day 2 – “Welcome to Mice-ville”

Day 3 – “Sun, burgers, and mud”

Day 4 – “Eating crab and a nice cold shower”

Day 5 – “Easy day at the office”

Day 6 – “Victory meal”

Day 7 – “Hike to Cape Beale”

Day 8 – “Final Day – Back to Victoria”

Photos of the WCT
Lessons Learned on WCT
Food menu for WCT
Items packed for WCT

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