Tofino and Cathedral Grove

June 24-26, 2005
How can you come to Vancouver Island and not see Tofino and Long Beach? As much as I’d like to avoid the “tourist trap”, I took Phebe out to the beach to see why every international student raves about Tofino. She was quite surprised how much road kill there was on the drive up. I had to explain what road kill meant as I guess they don’t have that much on the roads in Malaysia. Too much city and not enough country! When we arrived at Long Beach I was sickened by the parking prices. I couldn’t believe how much it had gone up over the years. It was like $15 for the day or something. Of course I wasn’t going to pay anything. We parked near the end of the parking lot, kind of away from the rest of the cars. I just had to take the chance. We were only going to be there for an hour anyways. After enjoying the beach, we got back to the car and found no parking ticket! Score!
Along the drive back home we stopped at Cathedral Grove to see the big trees. This was extra special for Phebe since they don’t have anything like this in Kuala Lumpur. The only thing big they have are buildings and shopping malls. We had a romantic walk along the trails and enjoyed the nice scenery. She said the place reminded her of Lord of the Rings when Frodo and Sam were in the forest.

Phebe and I at Cathedral Grove

Relaxing in Tofino

Hug the tree

Phebe and I at Tofino Harbour