South America Trip

Three fabulous months beginning in Buenos Aires, and ending in Quito. Click the countries below to read all the stories!

argentina.gif Argentina
uruguay.gif Uruguay
chile.gif Chile
paraguay.gif Paraguay
brazil.gif Brazil
bolivia.gif Bolivia
peru.gif Peru
ecuador.gif Ecuador
columbia.gif Colombia

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Things to watch out for:
Door are backwards: push to open, pull to close.
Latin time is up to an hour behind Western time.
Somewhere in every square and plaza will reek of urine.
Lineups are optional.
Siestas last for 3 hours but can be stretched to last all day.
Graveyards are stacked lockers or archealogical masterpieces.
Everyone tries to exit busses as fast as possible.
Dress for all seasons every day.
Even the remotest of places advertises with posters of scantily clad women.
Bumming it on the street teaches the art of resourcefulness.

Items lost/stolen:
Kevin´s touque (Mar Del Plata, Argentina)
Lonely Planet (Pan De Asucar, Uruguay)
Steve&acutes touque (Uruguay bus)
Steve&acutes mate cup (Uruguay bus)
10 blank cds 😦 (Argentina)
Kevin’s watch (Bus from Sao Paulo)
Kevin’s camera tripod (Rio, Brazil)
Kevin’s jacket(Pantanel, Brazil)
Steve’s flashlight (??)
Ryan’s tripod(Pantanel, Brazil)
Ryan’s nice underwear(Potosi, Bolivia)
Lonely Planet guidebook (Some store, Cusco)
Daypack including: toiletries, 2 bibles, food, good batteries, guidebook (Colombia)
Steve’s GPS on last day (Quito, Ecuador)