July 29-August 1
Phebe and I decided to take the long weekend off to go to Seattle to visit her relatives and their friends. It was quite the journey getting there. To make a long story short…make that a very long story short, we got lost driving there. It wasn’t our fault though. I mean, I can say that I’m pretty good with directions. We had the map on how to get there and even had a google map as well. The problem was that it was the wrong directions in the first place.  So we were madly trying to find the place and circled endlessly around the I-5 highway for about what seemed like hours and hours. Not to put the blame on the person who gave us directions in the first place but I think it was a big miscommunication. We were supposed to be at our destination at around 4 or 5pm but didn’t show up until late into the night at 10:30pm!!

Anyways, that little incident didn’t ruin our weekend. We had fun enjoying the hot day and touring around Seattle. We went to the Pike Place Market and finally saw the very first Starbucks around there. I wish they had a similar kind of market that size in Victoria. I’m sure there would tons of tourist wanting to see fish fly all over the place. The next day, Phebe and I decided to take a little detour and see Snoqualmie Falls, a few hours drive from Seattle. It was nice to get away from the city and see some nature and get some fresh air!

Phebe and I with some weird curly things at the Ballard Locks

Phebe looking cool as usual

The place where they throw all the fish

The famous Public Market

Phebe and I at the Pike Place Market

The original Starbucks

This guy knows how to fish!

The travelling gang

Seattle harbour

Enjoying some good eats

Snoqualmie Falls
At the base of Snoqualmie Falls

At the entrance