Ripple Rock

September 2-5, 2005
It’s been awhile since I was back in Nanaimo. Maybe that’s a good thing because when Phebe and I arrived Friday night, we were welcomed with a big fat meal with all the fixings. Sweet action! After a good night’s sleep we headed to Black Creek the next morning to see our friend from Victoria, Jennah Fox. Her parents live right near Miracle Beach Park so you can see the ocean from her house – almost like a resort! Our agenda for the day was to hike Ripple Rock in Campbell River. For many of you who don’t know the Ripple Rock story, I’ll spare you the details but go here to find out more: I must say that with hiking with 3 girls that it was one of the easiest 1 hour hike I’ve ever done. Anytime you hike with Jennah it’s more than an hike – it’s an educational experience. It was amazing how she can pick out all the nitty bitty creatures and organisms along the trail! But I can’t complain. I got my fresh air and my hike in. It was funny: on the drive there it rained but then when we started hiking it stopped and then it started again at the end of the hike! God sure takes care of us!

Jennah, Timandra, Phebe, and I on the top

Jennah and Phebe

Dog wants some fun too

Quiet and peaceful

Look how strong Timandra is