Regina Trip

Regina | Steve and Amie’s Wedding | May 2-8, 2005
It was good to see Steve again after South America. It’s different though – not because we’re not traveling but he’s getting married! I managed to get a few days off work to explore Regina and what it had to offer. Although it was my first time to visit the Prairies, the shock of it being all flat didn’t phase me at all. I actually didn’t mind it. It was a good break from the waters and mountains we get on the west coast. Steve was busy all week planning and preparing for the wedding but we did manage to spend some time together and do some conquering. We conquered Wascana as we walked around the whole lake for 2 hours! I had canoed with Robbie and Christie (Steve’s siblings) the day before so this was an extra conquer. We also played disc at “The Ledge” (apparently the only fun thing to do in Regina) and then made some fruit shakes when we got home! Totally brings back memories of our travel days and all the places we had awesome fruit shakes.After all the wedding plans were almost all settled, Steve and I took a day trip out to the Big Muddy Badlands which was just a few hours drive south of Regina. There I experienced the real prairie lands! We had prepared some good eats before the trip, brought some sausages and cut some mushrooms and green peppers with all the spices and fixings in tin foil. We explored the caves that were there and went off for a short hike after. And what a hike it was! As dinner time approached we quickly found a place to make a fire and cooked our eats. There were some gophers running around that we wanted to roast but they were just too quick (I knew I should’ve brought my slingshot!)

Well, the big day is finally here! More than anything I was looking forward to the reception, not because of the food, but I wrote a song for Steve earlier that week that reflected all our time together traveling. Robbie also had a big part as he played the violin and harmonica and we also recorded the song as well. To make a long story short, we stole the show at the reception! Congrats to Steve and Amie on their wedding. Many more adventures and good times ahead for them and I hope to hook up with them sometime in the future.

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Buddha shot at Big Muddy

Steve’s sister and brother (Christie and Robbie)

Dutch Elm Trees

Regina “ledge”

Steve and Amie Gosselin