Mt Tzouhalem and Mt Prevost

September 24, 2005
With autumn/winter slowly approaching I just had to take the opportunity to take advantage of the warm weather and do some hiking. I had never been to Mt Prevost and I heard through a co-worker that Mt. Tzouhalem wasn’t bad either. Phebe and I decided to venture off to Duncan (or “Drunkin’ Duncan as some people call it) for the day and get some fresh air and exercise. To be honest, I always thought Duncan had little to offer for the people driving through the highway. Sure they have cheap gas and sometimes it’s nice to stop and take pictures of the totem poles but I never noticed how scenic and beautiful some of the places are. Mt. Tzouhalem was a relatively easy hike with great views. At the top there is a cross that overlooks the whole Cowichan Valley. Overlooking at a distance was Mt. Prevost, which is supposedly a lot bigger and I thought to myself, “We gotta hike that thing today”. I told Phebe and she wasn’t particularly happy with it but then I told her we’ll go shopping in Victoria later and she finally agreed. We found out later that we could drive most of the way to the top on a steady gravel road. This worked out for us since it was late and it would’ve taken us hours to hike up anyways. When we got to the top, we were again rewarded by the stunning views of the Valley. There was a white Cairn on top that could be seen from the city which commemorates the veteran war. We were just blown away on how beautiful an island we live on.

At the cross…

Phebe and I nearing the top on Mt Tzouhalem

The view from Mt Tzouhalem

Me on the top of Mt Prevost overlooking Duncan

Mt Prevost Panoramic