Mayne Island

February 21-22, 2004
We stayed in a sweet, cozy cottage that weekend with all the fixings– Shalom, Phebe, Best, and I. The weekend started perfectly – a great hike, a nice Korean dinner, hot tub, and some serenading from Best, our Korean friend, who kept romancing the ladies with his tender songs at night. It was all great until the next day when we went kayaking. We were told to only kayak near the vicinity of the cove – but I was unaware of that. We had double kayaks so I went with Phebe. After an hour or so rowing, next thing I know we were way off and could barely see the shore where we started from. We tried yelling to Shalom and Best but they couldn’t hear us. We started paddling back but the current was too strong against us. After a little while, the ferry starts coming by and brings in more waves. We are done for! So much for being back in time for the ferry to Victoria! After an hour of struggle and exhaustion, we gave up and eventually rowed near the rocks as we found a place to park the kayak. This is where things turned into the worse. The waves were shakier as we were fighting to get the kayak up to a flat surface. We ended up scratching the kayaks (these were new by the way and never been used!) and by the end of it all we had to pay a hefty damage charge. We eventually brought the kayak to a somewhat flat surface but at the end we were just so darned tired. We went to this house nearby and they luckily knew the place we were staying at and they phoned the guy. After 30 minutes, he came and you can tell he was upset that we scratched up his kayak and that didn’t listen to him in the beginning. Oh well. We ended up missing the ferry but we took the last one to Victoria. We killed time by heading to the beach and I hung out with Phebe for quite a bit. Before this we were only friends but at the end of our fiasco I knew she was going to be someone special.

Lounging on the couch of our cabin

The view from one of our hikes

How beautiful are the feet that brings good news!

Phebe and I stuck in a tree

Best and I conquering Mayne Island