Los Angeles

October 15-23, 2004
This was a last minute decision to go but I couldn’t pass this opportunity to go since I had no job and it’ll be a week at the LTT and having fun conquering L.A. Getting there was an interesting story. Had to drive all the way to Nanaimo 2 am and hitch a ride with people from Oceanside Church. Notable stories include meeting Evelyn, Phebe’s cousin in L.A. We went to her favorite place, Starbucks (surprise, surprise), and just chatted it up. After a few hours of interrogation, we had to part ways but it was good meeting a relative of Phebe’s. Heading home, I drove with Jeremy, Nicole, Chris Massey and the girls. We stopped at Six Flags, the amusement park with all the better rides. What we found out at the ticket booth was that it is 2 for 1 for tickets if we could find any that resembles Coke. Chris and I went to the first garbage can and found an empty Coke can! Sweet Action! We got in half price while the rest of them had to drive to the gas station to buy Coke. We were in line for this one ride for 30 minutes and as we were about to get on the ride malfunctioned and we couldn’t go on! Stupid Fat Americans! Sick dog! That whole evening we only ended going to 2 rides and then we headed home.

Nicole, Me, Jeremy, and Chris at the BugZoo

Derrick and I at the Chinese Theatre

In N Out burger – my favorite!

Me and Jackie Chan

These rides are boring!

Chris and I reeking havoc on the streets of LA