Juan de Fuca Camping Trip

Juan De Fuca | Conquering the Beaches: Mystic, Sombrio, Botanical | May 21-23, 2005
It was boys weekend off as Dave and I set off to conquer the beaches at Juan de Fuca. Our first mission was to try to look for the best campsite before it started pouring down rain. Our first stop was Mystic beach and as we hiked we saw a huge bundle of firewood just lying on the trail! I said to Dave, “We are for sure grabbing this”. We decided to head to the beach first and grab it on the way back to the car. It turns out that it belonged to some campers there but it was so heavy that they just left it on the trail the night before. They offered the firewood to us, and we accepted of course. They offered us some French toast but we were happy with the free firewood already (already pushing it).We got our gear to Sombrio and found the sweetest camping spot and fire pit. We decided to lay our firewood near the tent so it’ll dry off (it had rained the night before). That afternoon we ventured off for a short hike but then it started to rain hard during the middle of it. We got back to our camp spot and everything was soaking wet! Our tent almost got flooded the first night because of the rain (both of us didn’t have a tarp and were stupid enough not to bring one).

Yes, we were very cold

Nice view from our campspot

That’s me peeking out to see if it’s stopped raining

The sign of peace