Graduation Day

June 3, 2003
After a boring 2 hour grad ceremony, I spent the afternoon taking random pictures of me on a bus, at McDonalds, at a random bathroom stall, on a sidewalk zamboni, and other various places. No reason at all, just for fun. The best was with my family behind the trees near the Uvic gardens – notice my Dad with the peace symbol…too funny!

My mom gave me this gold coin for my graduation which I think is worth a lot money from the looks of it. She gave it to me, I had a look at it for awhile, but then she asked for it back saying she wants to keep it for safe keeping….it’s my present! You can’t expect to give a present and then ask for it back and protect it. Anyways, I let her keep it. I mean, it’s only a coin!

I’ve always wanted to be a bus driver!

The best family picture

Earl, Lisa, and my brother at the breakwater

Want some fries with that?