Galloping Goose

May 28, 2005
This was something I’ve always wanted to do. Bike the whole Galloping Goose trail – all 115 KM of it (round trip)!! I went with Earl, who was basically training to go biking across Canada this summer, so this was just a warm up for him. Mind you this was the first time for me going biking this whole year – so I was in for a long ride! The trail extends all the way past Sooke and into the former town of Leechtown. Once we arrived at the end I was so darn tired that I felt like taking the bus back home. Earl and I had a nice quiet lunch near the Sooke River and enjoyed the peaceful nature. As we were mediating upon life’s journey, Earl suddenly heard a faint airing out sound from my bike. That only meant one thing. Flat tire! I couldn’t believe it. Why did this have to happen now? I was coming from just outside the valve itself and so there was no patch that could do the job. We even tried super glue and tape but that didn’t work. The worse thing was that we didn’t have an extra tube to replace! It was hard to know how I should’ve felt – sadden about my tire being flat or a bit overjoyed knowing that I could now take the bus home and not worry about trekking all the way back!? As we were walking the long trail with our bikes heading to the nearest bus station, I was praying just for any kind of miracle to happen. And just as I was about to pray, suddenly we saw 2 bikes on the side of the trail with the couple down by the river swimming! This was our chance. We quickly hurried to meet them and asked if they had an extra tube. And sure enough they did! Not only that, we got it for free! Sweet action. So I ended up riding all the way home and I’m thankful that I did because if I didn’t, I would’ve conquered the Goose.

Earl and I conquering the Goose

The view from the Goose

Trying to fix our flat tire

Earl the mechanic