Family Camp and Horne Lake Caves

July 1-3, 2005
Family can only mean one thing – Food! Well, to me anyways. It’s amazing how much food was offered to me while I was visiting one family after another at the campsite. It was like a buffet line! You’ll never leave camp hungry! It was a good weekend of fun, downtime, relationship building, and horseshoes! We made several outings out including Englishman River to go swimming, and Rathtrevor beach for some fun in the sun. At night we managed to see the Canada Day fireworks along with the whole city of Parksville. I must say that this year’s fireworks were one the best in years (but we say that every year it seems)!
Other highlights include a trip out to Horne Lake Caves to go spelunking. There were several long caves that you had to pay but we just went to the free public ones. You know they are free when you start seeing beer bottles in unlikely places! These were short and sweet but worth doing! The caves totally reminded me of when I went caving with Steve in Laos, except there weren’t any big mud slides at Horne Lake.

Fireworks on Canada Day

Just finished Horne Lake Caves

Jeremy giving me the tongue action

My tent

The church family group shot