Englishman River

August 26-28, 2003
There’s always an adventure traveling with Momo. Whether it’s farting or talking about farting, it’s always an adventure. We got to the campground, and it was quite the scene as we were trying to put the tarp up. After failing miserably trying to put it up and getting the rope to stay on the trees, we figured it wasn’t worth the effort if it wasn’t going to rain. But wait – then comes Lisa and her brilliant ideas as she tried to straighten everything out. Everyone was against her as there was no way she could pull it off and get this tarp to stay put. However, by the end, she did manage to get the tarp up, it didn’t look pretty but she managed to do it (noticed the stick in the middle to hold it up). Anyways, it was a pretty funny scene.

Our campsite with a funny stick in the middle

Englishman River falls

Momo and his dog

Ahh!! Get this crab off me!

Yup, that’s right. Welcome to the Unicorn Farm