Della Falls

My dream of hiking Della Falls came true this summer. In case you didn’t know, Della fallsis the highest waterfalls in Canada at 440 metres and the 4th highest in North America (arguably). We decided to drive all the way to Port Alberni from Victoria on the Friday night and camp close to the base so we could get a early head start the next day. We camped at the Ark Resort as it is the gateway to getting to the trail. We were a bit worried the first night as it just poured down rain. Eventually it cleared up the next day and we ended up having great weather. To get to Della Falls you have to take about a 40 minute boat ride to the trail head. From there, it is supposed to be around a 15.5 km trek to Della Falls. We were told from the trail reports that there were lots of fallen trees on the trails due to the brutal snow storm they earlier in the year. I’ve seen a lot of bad trail conditions in my life but none as worse than this. The hike into Della falls is relatively easy but the fallen trees made it very challenging and difficult. Although it had rained heavily on the Friday night, the rest of the weekend was perfect. Clear sunny skies and hot!

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Our first night camping at Ark Resort

The most difficult and strenuous part of the hike was from the first bridge all the way to the “twisted” bridge (closed) although most of the other sections of the trail are just as worse. We counted a total of 1,017 fallen trees from the main camp of Della Falls to the start of the trail head. We met up with a few other guys who brought machetes and started to clear some of mess on some sections of the trail. By the end of the trip, we were really good at doing the limbo and ducking under fallen trees.

Trails closed…but that didn’t stop us!

Enjoying some lunch and a deserved break

That’s me trying to get around the fallen trees

Taking a break from an hour detour of the broken bridge
and crossing the creek

Chris taking a break at the rough trails

After we got to the twisted or closed bridge which was about 6 hours of hiking, we made our way around the bridge about 400m and then we crossed the creek(using ropes of course). Once we had crossed, we found our way back on the trail again and walked another 10 minutes and came to the end of the trail. Some of the sections are very deceiving as we almost got lost. We met up with the guys with the machetes and after a few hours we finally found our way back on the trail. We finally came to the part of the hike where we saw these steel bridges that the lady had mentioned at the Ark Resort.

A look at the closed bridge

Bridge closed!

Chris crossing the steel bridge

Hanging out with the guys with the machetes

There are some snow patches along the trail after the steel bridges but most are small. The trail up to Love Lake is not bad but could be better. There are some fallen trees and overgrown bush. The views from the top are spectacular. Della falls is truly amazing. Pictures do not do justice. We also made it to the base of the falls which is not too far from the main Della falls camp. The trail is relatively smooth. Word has it that the squad from BC Parks will be cleaning up this mess shortly so the trail could get a lot better within the next few weeks. Another warning are the mosquitoes. They are the size of hummingbirds and are ferocious. If you even come up and hike around this time make sure you bring the best kind of insect repellent. All in all it was a trip of a lifetime!

Della Falls from the viewpoint

Chris along the Della Falls trail

Happy to be riding back to civilization

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