Central America

June 21 – August 27, 2007

Countries conquered:

mexico.gif Mexico  blze0001.gif Belize  guat0001.gif Guatemala 
elsa0001.gif El Salvador hond0001.gif Honduras nica0001.gif Nicaragua corc0001.gif Costa Rica pana0001.gif Panama clmb0001.gif Colombia

FAQ’s on Central America

1) How was South America?
Ummm, well I did go to Colombia for about a week but my trip was mainly in Central America. Thanks for asking though.

2) Which country was your favorite?
That’s a hard question since every country has it’s own unique qualities. But if I had to pick a top three, it would probably be Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Colombia. I really enjoyed my time in all the countries I went to but these three stood out the most: the culture, the hikes, the mountains, the volcanoes, the lakes, the people, and of course the food. I can truly say that if I had a chance to go back to any one of the countries again it would be these three.

3) When did you get back?
September 2, 2007

4) When did you start work?
Septeber 4, 2007

5) How long were you down there?
About two and a half months. Before that I had been on a road trip across Canada/US for about a month.

6) Is Colombia dangerous?
Yes and no. It’s like saying is New York or India dangerous. Of course every city or country that you go to has some aspects of danger to it but if you watch your stuff and stay in public places you should be fine. I didn’t feel scared or anything when I was there. The media puts so much hype on Colombia being dangerous and all (maybe so but not on the surface of things) but I didn’t have any trouble when I was there

7) What was the food like?
Each country had their own kind of speciality but it was pretty much the same. They usually have set lunches in which you usually select between chicken, fish, or beef as the main thing and then you get some stuff on the side. You can either get two tablespoons of salad (or more if the restaurant was generous), rice or beans, french fries, and some soup. They also give you a drink in a very small cup. I later found out that they gave free re-fills so I took full advantage of that. I got sick a few times but it wasn’t that bad. Street food was good, they had all kinds of stuff. My favorite of course is getting ready to eat fruit. Besides Asia, where else can you get a big bag cheap mangos for like $1.00 Canadian?

8) How much did you spend?
That’s none of your business

9) How did you get your stuff stolen?
It was early in my trip, probably two and a half weeks in. I was on a bus in Guatemala and I just finished my trip to Tikal. I was travelling from Flores to Coban. I put my backpack inside the back of the bus, along with the rest of the other few backpackers on board. I was sitting in the front (bad mistake) and during the ride they picked up a whole bunch of people and so the bus was so packed that I couldn’t see my bag at the back. After the 5 hour or so ride, I went to get my backpack and noticed that the side zipper was opened. I had a ziploc bag full of goodies that were missing (items are listed below this page). I looked all around the bus but it was pointless. All my pictures of Mexico, Belize, and some of Guatemala were gone! It was about 8 or 9pm at that time so I had no time to look for a place to stay but the bus did manage to stop by a hostel. I learned a big lesson that night but it could’ve been a lot worse. I was thankful that I still had my passport and camera with me. 

10) Where is your next destination?
Anywhere I can afford to go to.

Routes Travelled



Items Lost/Stolen:
Alarm clock
Suntan lotion
Hand cream,
Swiss army knife,
Two bars of soap
Battery charger
4 Batteries
1 GB flash drive
512 GB flash drive
All my memory cards for my camera

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