Thanks Page

Thanks to everyone for making our 2007 Canada/US Road Trip memorable!

Special thanks to Uncle Marcus and Aunt Lucilla for driving us all across Canada! Almost everyday they would put in at least 6-8 hours of driving and they would never complain! I hope one day you will be in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the “coolest” couple to drive all across Canada.img_0554.jpg

Andrew and Evelyn Fong showed us what New York life was like. Thank you for giving us the grand tour and making our trip to NY so memorable! We also enjoyed playing with baby Robyn…she’s so cute!

Many thanks to Patrick and Kathleen Forde for a great time in Waterloo and Niagara Falls. Thanks for all the stories, books, and fun times in the car. I’m going to miss playing with baby Maeve…”Where’s the bear, where’s the bear…THERE’S THE BEAR!!” img_0468.jpg

What can I say about this couple? They are the best. Thanks to Auntie Belinda for letting me win in Big 2 and for being the Paparazzi women with her video camera. Thanks to Uncle Sam for all the hikes and for keeping us all sane.

Thanks to Auntie Kooi Ping for teaching us what it means to eat healthy and for all the good exercise trying to keep up with you going shopping. I can still hear your voice taunting me, “Kevin zai, Kevin zai!!” I also want to thank you for all your gifts…especially the MEC fleece sweater.

Thanks to Phebe’s cousin Evelyn Sen for all the wild times here in Victoria. Your love for Victoria reminds all of us how lucky we are to live here. Oh, and one more thing….I still can’t believe you lost to me in Big 2!!