Canada and USA Road Trip

May 9 – June 13, 2007

This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. After finishing up my courses at Camosun I was ready to travel all across Canada and the US and see places I’ve always wanted to see. The trip started by meeting Phebe’s parents in Vancouver and the next day we flew to Ottawa to meet Phebe’s aunt and uncle. From there, we drove all over the country and stopped at various places including New York, Montreal, Banff, and Yellowstone National Park. For full stories, select the “2007 Canada/US Road Trip” Category in Previous Blogs on the right hand side.

Special thanks to all who made this trip extra special – Thanks Page

Full video of our trip – Canada/US Road Trip Video

Click below to see photos of our trip:
New York
Niagara Falls
Yellowstone National Park
Alberta 2007

Items lost:
Belinda’s camera bag (New York)
Phebe’s Winnie the Pooh shirt (Peekskill),
Phebe’s earrings (unknown
) Found! Kathleen’s house in Waterloo
Kevin’s 2003 Grad Shirt (unknown)