June 2006
Gotta love family vacations. This time I tagged along with Phebe to visit her relatives down in Stockton while her mom was visiting here from Malaysia. I recall eating tons and tons of food with the family. Not to say I don’t remember anything else about the trip but the one thing that stuck out was the amount of times we just ate out. I think in the span of 3 days we ate at 5 or so all-you-can-eat places. I’m not complaining though. But sometimes you just have to give your body a rest! I had a great time visiting Phebe’s aunt and uncle though. They are great people and I’m glad they took the time to show us around. I also met Phebe’s crazy cousin Evelyn Sen again. I remember the three of us and Phebe’s mom being in the bookstore for about 3 hours figuring out our personality traits through this book called “Do as you are” and finding what kind of careers we will have. I think we were the loudest people in the bookstore and I’m surprised we weren’t kicked out.

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The Golden Gate Bridge

Seeing the Big Trees

Old town Sacramento

Enjoying some wine in Napa Valley

Seeing a good friend Lula Baird (98 yrs old)

My favorite – In N Out Burger!

Just finished riding the cable cars

Phebe and I at Fisherman’s Wharf

Alcatraz in the background

Phebe and I at Cliff House