January 12-18 2006
Who would’ve thought I’d be in Bali, Indonesia a few years after the bombings took place. I didn’t feel threatened however. I did go in the slow season though so there weren’t as many tourists there. When I got off the plane I expected tons of taxi drivers yelling at me to get a ride with them and sure enough there were tons. I wanted to take the bus but it was late at night so there was none. So I was stuck with a taxi. Sickdog! They were all expensive but I found one relatively quite cheap and he decided to take my bargain price. When I arrived at my destination, the price was totally wasn’t what I bargained for. I was so mad. After arguing with him a few minutes, I had to give him the money else he would shoot me (felt like that anyways so I didn’t want to risk it). So after being ripped off, I had to walk and find a hostel. The place I got dropped off was Kuta, also the busiest area on the island. I call it the Sodom and Gommorah of Bali. It was pretty insane. I expected nice quiet lovely beaches but all I got instead were flashy neon signs and tons of noisy motorbikes. Minute after minute I was hounded by at least one motorbike wanting to pick me up for a taxi ride. I can still here it now, “Taxi, taxi”, still ringing loudly in my ears. Did I mention it was hot? So I pretty much walked about a mile trying to find the best place to stay but they were all too expensive. I managed to find a place late in the night and it turned out to be one of the best. I was grateful that they had hot showers and and a good place to drink fruitshakes!

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Rice fields in Ubud

Beautiful palm trees near Ubud

Sacrificing to their gods

Gunung Batar Volcano

Besakih Temple

Way to use your heads

Sunrise on Gunung Batar Volcano

Gedy showing his music talent at the hostel in Lovina

I never thought I’d do this…

Tanah Lot

Ulu Watu coast