Outlet Shopping & Tulip Town

Phebe and I drove down to the States for an overnight trip during spring break. We stopped by Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip for a little shopping. I found out that if you show your Canadian passport to the retailer you can get a discount from your purchases. I ended up getting some dress shirts and running shorts which were on sale. For dinner we sent to this Greek place near Marysville where we had delicious gyros. We then drove to Everett where we stayed overnight at a hotel. The next day, we explored the little down of Everett but there was not much to see. In the afternoon, we drove to Skagit Valley to visit Tulip Town. It was nice and relaxing to walk around the tulip fields and seeing all the different colored tulips. Later in the afternoon, we went to Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham where we did some more shopping and had a buffet dinner at the Old Country Buffet. After dinner we went back home and had the shortest border crossing ever. I think we waited for maybe two minutes and then we were back in Canada. Overall, great relaxing trip.


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