Needle Peak

My friend Steve and I had been planning to meet up for quite some time and do a hike together. He lives in Kelowna and I live in Vancouver and so we decided to meet halfway near the Coquihalla Recreation Summit Area which was both a two hour drive for us. Perfect!

After some online research, we decided on Needle Peak as it seemed to be the most difficult hike. Some of the posts said it would take around 7-13 hours of extreme hiking. The forecast for that day called for reasonable weather, about a 20% chance of rain. However, Steve and I were both unprepared to what we had in store that day. During the middle of the afternoon, it had actually snowed on us! Luckily I brought some pants, but I wished I brought a pair of gloves and a toque!

We left the trailhead around 9am and arrived at the top of the peak in about 2 hours. The elevation at the top was about 2000m. We were probably at the top for a good hour or so since we wanted to wait until the clouds cleared up to take our signature “Buddha” picture. So we had our lunch there and waited for the clouds to disappear. By then other people started to come to the top and it got a bit crowded.

Since we got to the top earlier than we had intended, we had the rest of the day to ourselves and decided to explore the area. We went to an area called Flat Irons and that’s when the weather turned on us. The fog and snow came in and the cold was almost unbearable.

We hiked about a total of 24kms in total that day. We wanted to celebrate with a big meal at the end of the hike but the only thing that we thought was open was an Indian food truck near the Coquihalla Recreation Summit parking lot but it was closed. So left our separate ways until our next conquering adventure!

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