Vancouver Sun Run 2015

In my first year of running the Sun Run, I ran it in 47:41. I’ll never forget my first experience. The actual race started at 9am but I arrived there a bit “late” around 8:45am. There were so many people crowded around that I couldn’t make it to my designed color area. I was supposed to be starting in the yellow section but I ended up starting near the back of green, one color below. During the race I remember passing so many people that it got a bit tiring.
In my second time around, I wanted to make sure I did not make the same mistake like last time. I got to my designated yellow color area about 45 minutes early. This made a huge difference. There were fewer crowds of people and you had your own space to run! In the end, I had a personal best time of 43:43! I couldn’t believe it. I never would’ve thought I’d run under 45 minutes!


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