Golden Ears Provincial Park

Last weekend, Phebe and I and a few of our friends decided to do some car camping before the end of the summer. We decided to go to Golden Ears Provincial Park. Phebe and I arrived first at the campground late Friday night. There was one campground that was open all-year around (Gold Creek campground); however, it was all full! Luckily, after talking to the Park Ranger, another campground opened up (Alouette campground) due to the higher than normal demand (probably due to the school strike). We drove around quite a bit and eventually found a spot and quickly claimed it like a vulture on its prey. It might have been the last spot on the camp ground!

Hike to Lower Falls & Gold Creek Lookout
The next morning, we decided to hike lower falls trail. The trail to the falls was relatively flat and easy. Once at the waterfalls, we decided to cross the creek to the other side as we wanted to further our hike to the Gold Creek Lookout. While I was jumping from rock to rock, my sunglasses accidently fell into the rushing waters (I wasn’t wearing it at the time as the temple of my sunglasses was hanging off my shirt). Roberto and Patrick both braved the cold waters to help search for my shades but to no avail. We managed to cross the creek and after a steady uphill climb to get to Gold Creek Lookout, we were rewarded by a great view.

For all pictures of Golden Ears Provincial Park, please click HERE.

Alouette picnic
For lunch we stopped by Alouette Lake where Sarah & Patrick prepared sandwiches and quinoa salad. It was so yummy. For the rest of the afternoon we played frisbee, read, walked, and napped.


Alouette Lake


Picnic at Alouette Lake

Lightshow at campspot
We decided to be a bit creative and make use of our headlamps at night. Fun fun!


Shalom – Angel


Roberto – 6 armed bear!


My heart to Phebe

Mike Lake
Before heading back home, we did a quick detour to go see Mike Lake. I nice peaceful lake almost in the middle of nowhere.


Group shot at Mike Lake



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