Crown Mountain

Last week I had the opportunity to hike Crown Mountain with my friends Sarah and Patrick. Crown Mountain is situated in North of Vancouver (behind Grouse Mountain). There are sites, including this one, that talk about how to hike Crown Mountain and possible routes so I’ll save you all the details on how to get there. We decided to take the BCMC trail route near the beginning of the Grouse Grind as it was probably the most convenient and easiest of the alternatives. It was a pretty hot and scorching day so that made the hike a bit more difficult and unbearable sometimes in the heat. Nevertheless, the hike was well worth the effort. The views from the top were simply amazing! We were on top for probably an hour, admiring the breathtaking views. Going back down was just as difficult as going up. Some parts were super steep and rocky. I’m not sure if I would do this hike again but at least it’s off my bucket list! Everytime I’m driving and I look up to the North Shore mountains, I can proudly say that I’ve hiked Crown Mountain!




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