Harrison Hot Springs

During the Canada Day long weekend Phebe and I decided to do some car camping near Harrison Hot Springs. We both had never been there before. There is a campground about 15 minutes away from Harrison Hot Springs called Sasquatch Provincial Park. We were hoping to see some sitings of sasquatches but we were out of luck. Instead, we greeted by massive mosquitoes at our campspot. The campground should have been called Mosquito Provincial Park. We wanted to camp near Hicks Lake but it was all full when we got there. There was another camp spot just a few minutes down the road called Bench campground. We luckily found a spot and decided to camp there for the night. That afternoon we headed to main town of Harrison Hot Springs and just relaxed by the beach. It was good just to get away and not do anything for awhile.

The next day, on the way back home, we decided to have a picnic lunch at Bridal Falls. The hike up to the falls was about 15 minutes, according to the posted sign, but they are never accurate. We got up there in about 5 minutes. We also stopped by Fort Langley to have a quick stroll of the heritage town and grabbed and ice cream by the park.


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