Sunshine Coast Trip

Sunshine Coast Trip – May 17-19, 2014

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May 17 –Skookumchuck Rapids & Fish Tacos

After months of planning, our trip to the Sunshine Coast has finally been realized! Phebe and I booked the Victoria Day May long weekend with our good friends Shalom & Roberto, and Sarah & Patrick. We stayed at the Eagle Ridge Cottage in Gibsons, which posted great views of the ocean! Rain was in the forecast for this weekend but the Sunshine Coast truly lived up to its name – it was pretty much sunny the whole weekend!

Views from our cottage

We arrived at Langdale from Horseshoe Bay bright and early Saturday morning since we were unable to reserve a ferry the night before. After we dropped off our gear and food at the cottage, we headed up north to meet up with Sarah & Patrick who had arrived the day before, camping near Pender Harbour. We decided to meet them at Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park (about 1 hour 15 min drive from Gibsons) for lunch where we could see amazing whirlpools and tidal rapids at high tide.

Skookumchuk rapids

Group shot at Skookumchuk

Since there were no picnic tables near the trail head we improvised and picked a random spot off the road for our picnic lunch. After fueling up with a delicious meal, we took the one-hour long trail to see the rapids. Once we arrived at the viewing area, we were all blown away by the power of the rapids. We definitely came at a good time.

We got back to the cottage exhausted and hungry. As a reward for our long day, Patrick had only learned that day that he was responsible for making fish tacos. And boy, they were delicious!

Perfectly grilled fish for our fish taco dinner!

May 18 – Smuggler’s Cove and BBQ Chicken

The itinerary today was to continue to explore the Sunshine Coast and to have another picnic lunch at Smuggler’s Cove Provincial Park. We had a somewhat late start but were energized after eating an amazing breakfast prepared by Roberto. On the menu were scrambled eggs, fried pepperoni with onions, fruit salad, and plantain chips.

It took over an hour to reach Smuggler’s Cove Provincial Park as we made a quick stop at Sergeant Bay. Again, there were no picnic tables at the trailhead so we decided to pack our lunch from the cooler and hike the 2km trail to see if we could have lunch with a view. We were fortunate enough to find a spot with not only amazing views but a quiet, secluded area! Along the way, we spotted several beaver dams and trees stumps that were all chewed up. We also saw one big tree along the path where there was significant damage done throughout the bark, from top to bottom. No beaver would have done this – but maybe perhaps the Skookumchuck Climbing Beaver (Thanks to Patrick for the new phrase)!

The “buddhas” strike back!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Kevin & Phebe flying high!

The workings of the “Skookumchuck” Flying Beaver

After Smuggler’s, Patrick and I wanted to to do some hiking, while the others decided to go into town and explore. We decided to hike Soames Hill, which was not too far from the Langdale ferry terminal. The Visitor’s Guidebook advertised this as a “Mini-Grouse Grind” and that it would take a good 40 minutes to the top. The person who wrote it must’ve been either drunk or walking in high heels. It took us 20 minutes to hike to the top, including breaks. I think the “Mini-Grouse Ground” section that the person was referring to was the brief two-minute section of the trail where there were stairs. The views on top of Soames Hill were pretty nice. We were the only ones up there.

IMG_2480Patrick barely hanging on!IMG_2484
Great views at the top!

We got back to the cottage and it was my turn for dinner. On the menu tonight was everything BBQ – chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, corn, and pineapple. Yes, it was certainly epic meal time!

Enjoying our gourmet BBQ dinner!

May 19 – Girl’s Day Out

Roberto & Patrick took the early morning ferry back to Vancouver as they had other commitments. So I was the last man standing! As we were all a bit “hung-over” from our BBQ meal from last night, we decided to sleep in and take the morning nice and easy.

Later in the day, we went to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park where we had our picnic lunch. This time, there were too many picnic tables to choose from! We had our lunch quickly as it was a bit cold and windy.

Along the way back we stopped at Davis Bay beach to pick up some shells and rocks as the girls decided to do some painting on them. When we got back to the cottage I decided to go for a walk instead of painting the rocks as I thought it was a bit too “girly” for me. I took a walk around the Ocean Esplanade near our place and I managed to find a trail which lead all the way to Whispering Firs Park which was off the Hwy 101. I was a little off the beaten track but the walk was well worth it.

IMG_2492Davis Bay Beach

The painting exhibit

Tonight’s menu was burgers! Sarah had made the left over ground beef that we had the day before, and spiced it up with all the spices that we brought. We improvised with our toppings with whatever was left over including mango! It was so good!

Nice juicy burger patty with mango topping!


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