On the Road Again…

After over seven years without a car, I decided I needed to buy one. Walking several blocks with bags full of groceries, waiting for a bus on a dark and rainy Sunday evening, and not having the ability to go places at a moment’s notice – yes, it was finally taking its toll! Although I lived within walking distance to my work, I knew I needed a car. After searching everyday for about a month through apps like AutoTrader and Kijiji, I finally found my car! I bought a 2010 Nissan Sentra 2.0S from a private owner. I checked the carproof reports and did a mechanic inspection and there were no major concerns. The car was kept in great shape and the original owner had a knack for cleanliness as it was super clean when I got it – almost brand new! I love the fact that the car has a lot of truck space and is good on gas. The car had over 34,000 km when I got it, so not too bad. It runs pretty well and I like the fact that the engine is a CVT (continuously variable transmission) so I don’t notice the bumps when it shifts gears. So it’s pretty smooth on the roads. To top it all off, it has a USB port so I can plug in all my favorite songs!


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