Toronto Pictures

I have finished my time here in Toronto. It has been a great few weeks. Some of my highlights include:

  • Seeing the Hockey Hall of Fame and getting a picture with the Stanley Cup
  • Attending a Toronto Blue Jay game, including induction of Roberto Alomar into the hall of fame
  • Visiting Toronto Islands
  • Going up the CN tower – definitely recommend the Skypod and spending the extra money to get away from the crowd
  • Eating at various restaurants in Toronto (I recommend Salad King on Yonge, and New Sushi Island buffet on College st).
  • Walking around downtown Toronto and seeing all the different tourist sites

The one thing that I found annoying was the garbage and grotesque smells around town. I think it’s one of the smelliest cities I’ve been to. I’ve also noticed more slow walkers here than in most cities. I thought Toronto was a bustling city? Why do people stop in a middle of an intersection and stop walking?! Get with it people! Despite all this, I think Toronto is a great city and I would love to come back here again some day.

Click below if you’d like to see some of my pictures of Toronto.

Pictures of Toronto (click here)

Me and the Stanley Cup!

Chong and I at the Toronto Blue Jays game

At the skypod at the CN Tower

Chong, Fang, and I and the New Sushi Island – One of the best sushi buffets I’ve been to


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