Juan De Fuca Marine Trail

Our Juan De Fuca hike was a success! We managed to hike the whole 47 Km trail from China beach to Botanical Beach in two days.We parked Chris’s car at the Botanical Beach Trailhead parking lot and we had Chris’s friend drive us back to the start of the trail at China Beach. We had to pay $20 for two days of camping (including parking) for each person. Little did we know that we had to pay an additional $8 each once we arrived at China Beach. Chris and I contemplated to hike 2 Km to Mystic beach as that was the official start of the Juan De Fuca trail to avoid the fee but it was around 8pm and didn’t want to walk in the dark. So word of advice: If you plan to do the Juan De Fuca hike, camp at Mystic Beach and not China and save yourself $8!

For a map of the Juan De Fuca trail, click HERE.

For all pictures, click HERE.

Day 1 – We hiked a total of about 29 Km from China Beach to Sombrio Beach (East) campsite. That took us about 10 hours including all the breaks. The section from Bear Beach to Chin Beach proved to be most difficult. When it says ‘Most Difficult’ on the map, they really mean it!  It had about 4 major uphills that was almost unbearable. The rest of the time it was up and down but manageable. Some parts were pretty muddy but I had my trusty walking stick to help me out. The map that we had said it was 27 Km to Sombio Beach East. So when we saw the 27 Km marking sign we were overjoyed. However, after a few minutes we soon found out that we had to hike an additional Km! The last Km to the campsite was the hardest part. I was out of energy. I was thirsty. I was hungry for some chicken teriyaki and thai curry! Chris and I managed to stumble on the beach totally exhausted. We were so tired that we didn’t even want to look around for firewood.

Climbing down the ladder

Chris taking a break from the hike

Making a well deserved dinner

Day 2 – We hiked a total of 18 Km from Sombrio Beach to Botanical Beach Trailhead. I think we hiked an additional 2 Km due to the many detours we took. At one point, we were walking climbing the rocks along the beach and thought to ourselves ” This cannot be the trail…the two girls that passed us would not have survived this”. We traced back our steps and eventually found the turn-off point! We hiked about 9 hours in total that day. Unlike the sunny weather we had the first day, day two proved to be wetter and much windier. It had rained a bit overnight but that was good for us to get fresh water from the many creeks we passed. The trail from Sombrio to Botancial was a bit easier than Day one. There were more board walks and the trails were much flatter. We saw a black bear and its cub on the beach several hundred yards away from us! Altogether we had about five bear sitings but most of them were on the road driving. We ended the exhausted and tiring day by eating a well-deserved burger at 17-mile pub around 10pm.

Walking through the slippery rocks

Walking along a misty Sombrio Beach

We made it! At the 47 Km mark.


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