Mt Tzouhalem

During our drive back to Victoria from our Mt. Arrowsmith trip, Chris and I decided to hike up Mt. Tzouhalem in Duncan. I had hiked this up before but it was about four years ago when I hiked with Phebe (Read 2002 post). I thought I could feel my way to the parking lot but the surrounding area had changed dramatically due to new development in the area. I had to go to somebody’s house to ask for directions. I remembered the last time I hiked it. It was about less than an hour hike to the top with stunning views of the Cowichan Valley. Chris and I made good timing but after the one hour mark we got a bit worried. We had somehow missed a turn. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn and ended up turning a 40 minute hike to an over 2 hour hike! There were so many trails to the mountain (see map for more details). Eventually we found our way up. Unfortunately we had to share the views with other people on top of the mountain. On the way down we decided to take a different route to get to the car. Bad mistake. We ended up in Providence Farms which is basically on the other side of the mountain! So we decided to head back uphill and along the way we met up with the people we saw at the top. They said it would take us over an hour to hike back up and to the parking lot! As it was getting dark soon, we decided to get a ride from them.  They drove us all the way around the mountain and back to our car. As a reward for our efforts we decided to treat ourselves to the two whopper special at Burger King. Giddy up!

For all pictures of Mt. Tzhouhalem, click here



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