The Move and Giant Sashimi

Some of you may or may not know but Phebe is now in Vancouver. She will be attending UBC, aka University of Billions of Chinese, to pursue her dream of becoming a Speech language Pathologist. Yes, we will be doing long distance as I am still here in Victoria. It’s not too far away though, only across the water. This past weekend I was helping her move to her new place – a basement suite near Oakridge mall, about a 30 minute bus ride from UBC. It took pretty much all morning to pack all her stuff into the van and then to unpack everything in the afternoon. Yes, she had a lot of stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate even after a few years. I was looking at my stuff at home the other day and I’m pretty sure that half the stuff I have now can either go to the garbage, to a thrift store, to someone else, or just plain sell it. Overall, the move was pretty routine and we were glad it turned out to be a nice sunny day.

Ok, so here’s the real highlight of the day. After all the moving and running around, Phebe treated me to dinner and what better way than to eat sushi! Luckily there was a sushi place near Oakridge mall, just a few minutes walk from Phebe’s place. We first had to get directions from the information centre in the mall. We asked where the nearest sushi restaurant was and she said right across the street. She then warned us saying the place was very small but they served gigantic pieces of sashimi. Sweet action! When we got there, there was a huge line up as most customers order for pick-up. The lady at the mall was right, the place was pretty tight with only a few seating areas. Phebe and I were all set to order our dishes when all of a sudden I looked over at some guy’s shoulder to see what a typical dish looked like. I was astonished. The pieces of fish he order were huge! Phebe and I decided not to order 3 dishes but only 2. In the end, we were so glad we did. We barely finished our plates. I’ve never seen sashimi this huge before. I almost needed a knife as I couldn’t fit the whole piece in my mouth! Phebe said that after that meal she wouldn’t eat fish for a year. I told her I could probably come back tomorrow;)

A van packed full of stuff

The living room

The kitchen

Phebe’s messy room

That’s us in Phebe’s room

Me standing outside Samurai Sushi House

My mouth waters just looking at this

Phebe getting full from sashimi





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