The Little Bus that Couldn´t

After seeing the ruins in Palenque I was off for an overnight bus to Cancun. So I thought. The bus was supposed to come around 7:30pm but it didn´t end up coming to the bus station at all! I ended up waiting at the terminal for 3 whole hours. I kept asking the ticket guy over and over again when it will come and he kept saying it will be a little late. Then around 10:30pm he finally comes to me and says the bus blew up. Or to that extent. He did wave his arms frantically at me as if the bus caught on fire. On a side note, I did get to watch Back to the Future 2 in Spanish which was quite interesting. Anyways, he told me there would be a bus the next morning at 5am. The last thing I wanted to do was stay another night! Of course I was a bit upset but plans always change when you´re traveling right?

The Next Day
Ok, I´m not sure if they got the same old bus that broke down yesterday but it seemed that way. During the ride it seemed the bus was swaying back and forth and I swear we were going to tip over. The was also this annoying screeching noise coming from the back of the bus. We left the terminal at 5am and the bus broke down around 7am…about 128km away from the city. They tried to fix the bus but to no avail. We waited for another bus to rescue us for over 5 hours! Some contemplated going to Guatemala and then taking a bus back to Mexico! I thought about pulling the old thumb out but everyone told me it was dangerous.  The bus that rescued us didn´t go to Cancun by the way. It went to a border town called Chetumal near Belize and then I had to take another overnight bus to Cancun. It was probably the longest day of my trip.

The broken down bus

The guys discussing what we should do next


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