The Mexican Triangle

You´ve heard of the Bermuda triangle right? Well, how about the Mexican triangle. I took an overnight bus from Mexico to Oaxaca, about 6 hours overnight. The bus dropped me off at a bus station somewhere outside the city limits at around 5 am, so I wasn´t sure where I was. Luckily I had my trusty GPS to show me how to get to the city. After a 45 min. walk, I finally arrived at the 2nd class bus station near the south end. I wanted to buy another overnighter to San Cristabol de Las Casas but everyone at the counter said I had to get to go to another bus station! Aiya. So much for getting a cheap ticket. I walked all across the city to get to the other station…the 1st class bus terminal at the north end. When I looked at the price I almost gagged. I walked all this way and found out I needed to change money. It was now almost 7am and nothing in the city was open. Oh, and did I mention it was Sunday? They sure take their Sabbath day seriously here because almost everything was closed! I had to wait until 10am to exchange money in the city and then walk all the way back to the bus station. By the end I was a bit exhausted but at least I know I´m working the ¨buddha¨off.


1 thought on “The Mexican Triangle

  1. Kevin

    So what did the grasshoppers taste like?

    PS: Stay away from those naked senoritas 😉

    Sounds like fun so far….


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