Arrived in Mexico!

It has been an interesting few days here in Mexico. I arrived here in the morning and I was surprised that there was nobody to hound me for a taxi at the airport. Not that I wanted to be hounded, but it was just weird. Maybe too civilized here for me;)
As big as Mexico is, it´s pretty easy to get around here.  The Metro can take you almost anywhere you want to go for dirt cheap (like .30 cents CDN). If I had the choice, I probably would not take it during rush hour again…but then again, I think every hour is rush hour in Mexico.

The hotel I stayed at included a city tour around Centro Historico of the Zocalo. Little did I know that it was a gruelling 3 hour tour! Don´t worry. I toughed it out and hung in there. Highlights of the tour include seeing a nude protest and eating grasshoppers. I also heard that they had an 8 hour tour to Teotihucan to see the pyramids. I said no thanks and opted to go by myself. So the next day I ventured out to see one of the largest pyramids in Central America (Pyramid of the Sun).  The whole site took me about 2 hours. So I saved 6 hours and spent the rest of the day eating tacos and drinking fruitshakes! Next destination is Oaxaca where I will be taking my first overnight bus.

I just climbed that (Pyramid of the Sun)

On top of Pyramid of the Moon overlooking Pyramid of the Sun

Local dance in front of Catedral Metropolitana

I had a few of these (grasshoppers)


4 thoughts on “Arrived in Mexico!

  1. Oh my goodness~ that`s where I`ve wanted to go for a long time-!!! when i see you next time, tell me your story!! are you alone?

  2. Way to go man! Glad you made it there safe. Did they give you any nacho cheese sauce to go with this grasshoppers? Hehehe.

  3. i knew you’d eat anything! where abouts are you gonna be in august? im off the whole month and thinking about what i can do then…

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